Talent Management

Talent Management

Case Study: BE-X Services Pte. Ltd.

Industry Insight
Talent management remains a top business and HR issue as organisations report capability and leadership challenges worldwide. Technology, globalisation, and growing government regulation are reshaping the way people work, learn, collaborate, and lead.

About BE-X
BE-X’s CEO and founder, Rebecca Craig, is an executive coach and highly qualified professional, having spent many years in dynamic and senior leadership roles at LinkedIn and other organisations. She now works with individuals to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board. She also partners with teams and organisations around leadership development, building robust leadership competency, establishing and embedding organisational culture, building vision and values, enhancing diversity and inclusion and supporting broad talent management programs.

How We Helped
As a successful growing business, BE-X wanted to continue to focus on its clients whilst ensuring that robust legal and operational foundations were in place. Castian Global has worked with BE-X on their services agreements, intellectual property matters, employment policies and contracts as well as leveraging the Castian Global network to make meaningful connections and suitable introductions for the BE-X team of consultants.

In line with the BE-X vision to help emerging people and companies “fly”, Castian Global did not want the company and its own team to feel unnecessarily weighed down. Employees are arguably a company’s most important internal stakeholders and often they are inundated with unhelpful and difficult to digest documentation and processes. Castian Global has worked closely with BE-X to put user friendly, streamlined and commercially adaptable solutions in place so that BE-X was ready to lift off.

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