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Organisations of every type — government, universities, hospitals, manufacturers, banks, and others — need to understand where they are doing well, and where they need to improve to achieve sustainable growth. Many companies are looking to operational audits to create greater value by improving operational performance including dimensions of quality, speed, agility, efficiency, environment, customer value, and cost.

About Nimbly Technologies

Nimbly is an operational audit solution that enables companies to monitor, manage, and evaluate business operations effortlessly. The company digitises manual checklists and converts the collected data into real-time insights.


Based in Indonesia with offices across APAC, Nimbly acts for brands including 7Eleven, Under Armour and Cargill, to name a few. With such high profile clients and partners, the Nimbly needed to ensure that its advisors could handle complex and substantial contract negotiations as well as provide a wide range of well drafted commercial and legal documentation to assist with the running of their business.

How We Helped

The Castian Global team has helped Nimbly with the adoption of a company Employee Share Option Plan, enhance its SaaS agreements, and close its Series A funding round, the first of what will no doubt be continued and exciting investment growth for the company.


As the company is funded by a prominent venture capital firm and other sophisticated investors, Nimbly has continually looked to Castian Global to guide its board on corporate governance solutions and investor relations.

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