Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Case Study: METRON

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In any discussion about climate change, renewable energy usually tops the list of changes the world can implement to stave off the worst effects of rising temperatures. That's because renewable energy sources such as solar and wind don't emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Clean energy is far more than just being "green." The growing sector creates jobs, makes electric grids more resilient, expands energy access in developing countries and helps lower energy bills. All of those factors have contributed to a renewable energy renaissance in recent years, with wind and solar setting new records for electricity generation.

About MetronUsing innovative AI and machine learning technology to enhance energy efficiencies and provide invaluable data insights to corporations around the globe, METRON Lab’s energy intelligence platform promotes fully managed renewable energies, new energy usages, peer to peer energy exchanges and more.  

The company, headquartered in France, has recently expanded into the South East Asian market. Given the nature of the business, it has been crucial for METRON’s team to engage with agile and flexible advisors like Castian Global to assist them with new partner and customer engagements whilst managing and protecting against legal and commercial risks associated with their proprietary software.

How We HelpedCastian Global has worked closely alongside the local and European business lines to prepare robust services agreements and negotiate key business and legal terms in a proactive and pragmatic way.

OpportunitiesMETRON can now rely on safe and secure templates but can also easily reach out on an ad-hoc basis when a second look or bespoke new project is in the pipeline, allowing them to focus on what they do best… making industries more productive and sustainable using artificial intelligence based on Energy Data and ontologies.

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