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About Seven Clean Seas

SCS has developed the world’s first plastic-offsetting service. SCS works with companies to remove plastic from and prevent plastic entering the natural environment on their behalf. SCS helps companies neutralise the impact they make on the planet and seas. SCS provides advisory, transactional and project development services for companies and projects in the environmental markets and sustainability, including for Plastic Credits. 

To date, SCS has pulled nearly 250,000kgs of plastic pollution out of the ocean!


How We Helped

Castian Global is proud to work with SCS to deliver a wide range of services, including executing global services agreements with their clients and partners, negotiating their business terms, helping secure funding and to help build strategies to grow their impressive business.

It is important that for SCS, as with all our clients, we are able to provide actionable recommendations that will lead to lasting change and measurable improvements – in this case to reduce plastic and help save the planet!


Working with Cash has been nothing short of a lifeline for our organisation, Seven Clean Seas. Her advice, expertise, availability and passion has been invaluable along the journey from startup to scale up. The standout moments for me was helping us successfully negotiate investment terms as well as the largest deal our market has ever seen. Without Cash, we simply wouldn’t have experienced the success we have!

Tom Peacock-Nazil
CEO / Co-Founder, Seven Clean Seas

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